DET 025

About us

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is the foremost school of leadership in the nation, and our detachment ranks among the finest ROTC programs. With academic instruction from a cadre of experienced officers and a strong physical fitness program, our hundred-strong cadet wing strengthens their bodies and minds. Each year, we commission a new group of lieutenants fully prepared to serve the nation as the leaders of the world's most powerful military force.

As a cadet at ASU, you will lead a full life; you will take classes in the US Air Force and US Space Force curriculum alongside your regular college course load. ROTC is a large part of your schedule, but many of our cadets pursue fraternities, student government, athletics and more. You will still be able to enjoy a full college experience, receiving a great education without sacrificing your extracirricular freedom. A person curious about the military can pursue ROTC for two years without incurring any service commitment.

I'm confident that you'll enjoy your experience here. Our cadets visit Air Force installations; some have had flights in F-16s at Luke Air Force Base and Pave Hawk helicopters at Papago Miliary Reservation. We send cadets each summer to programs like parachute training at the Air Force Academy and language immersion training in foreign nations. Here at ASU, it seems like a week does not go by without a morale event like barbecuing or paintballing.

Our cadets live by high standards, gaining leadership skills that they will use their entire lives—and they have a great time doing it.

For more information, please browse these pages or call us at 480-965-3181. If you would like to stop by in person, we are in the Social Sciences Building, room 352.

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DET 025 history

The history of Detachment 025 at Arizona State University dates back almost 70 years.  Most of the information that has survived comes from scrapbooks and photo albums; however, we have been able to gather additional information provided by our alumni.

First founded in July of 1948, Det 025 has had a long history of excellence in commissioning outstanding officers while continuing to change in order to meet the needs of the Air Force. Both Army and Air Force ROTC were originally housed in Old Main at the heart of ASU’s campus.

Beginning in the 1960’s, ASU was host to an honorary service organization associated with the Air Force known as Angel Flight. Its objective was to promote interest in the Air Force, serve the community and support the Arnold Air Society. Every year 200 female students would try out, but only 26 became ASU Angels. In 1972, ASU’s Angel Flight was ranked number one among 139 squadrons throughout the nation. Although Angel Flight no longer exists, ASU and several other detachments across the country have Silver Wings, which is a professional organization sponsored by the Arnold Air Society, dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable and effective civic leaders through community service and education about national defense.

In the 1970’s, it was a hard time for cadets to avoid notice while attending classes at ASU. Many college students were weary of the military because of the war in Vietnam. For this reason, many cadets would keep their uniforms at the detachment and change out of them while on campus to avoid attention. This attitude began to change shortly after the Iranian hostage crisis in early 1981. Also during the 1970's, the Army and Air Force ROTC at ASU would annually hold a military ball. Spring of 1978 was a critical period for ASU, marking the commemoration of the very first Arnold Air Society National Conference.

In the 1980’s, the majority of the cadre were veteran pilots returning from the Vietnam war. The instruction for leadership lab consisted mainly of drill and ceremony practice. Detachment personnel were charged with providing security detail during campus elections.

We currently have over 150 cadets, a large size detachment, and we are always looking for new cadets to join our detachment family. Our detachment still focuses on academics, leadership skills, camaraderie, community service, and physical fitness. No matter what we are doing, we do it with honor, commitment, courage, and loyalty.